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Regional exams are in local languages…

Most of the regional exams like UPPSC, BPSC, TNPSC, KPSC, TRB and other public service commission exams are conducted in english as well as in local languages.

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…but online exam software have restrictions…

Usually Legacy fonts like Kruti Dev (Hindi), Baamini (Tamil), Manorama (Malayalam), Priyanka (Telugu), Nudi (Kannada) are used to compose the local language questions.

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…they don’t support legacy fonts directly

But online exam software don’t support such font types. Even worse, they ask you to convert the content you composed using legacy fonts to unicode font format, which adds to the confusion even further.

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Testpress supports all unicode and legacy font types

Our online exam software supports unicode fonts out of the box. It can also be extended to support legacy fonts easily. If you use legacy fonts, here are the 4 simple steps involved to use them in Testpress.

Frequently asked questions

What is the issue with supporting regional fonts?

Regional Fonts can be of two types:

  • Legacy Font
  • Unicode Font

Unicode fonts are easy to support as the browser has built-in support. Legacy fonts are difficult to support because they are not supported in browsers by default.

What are legacy fonts?

Legacy Font is those that we use commonly in Hindi Typing such as Kruti Dev, Devlys, Krishna, Chankya, etc. To identify a font that it is Legacy font double click on font file if the font is shown in Hindi then it’s a Legacy Hindi Font. Which is greatly used for hindi typing in India. To type and show Hindi font you have to install Hindi font on your computer system. download the Hindi font form link given below and install them the procedure for installation given below.

What are some commonly used Hindi fonts for typing in India?

The most common font for Hindi Typing is Kruti Dev font. It is used for Typing Test Examination in Many states.

What are some other legacy Hindi fonts?

Devlys, Krishna, Chanakya, Akriti etc are some other legacy Hindi fonts.

What are some commonly used regional legacy fonts?

Baamini (Tamil), Manorama (Malayalam), Priyanka (Telugu), Nudi (Kannada) etc

Can Testpress Online Exam Software supports multiple fonts (ex Hindi & English) in the same content/question?


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