Apply for Software Developer

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    Do you read, hackernoon, freecodecamp?

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    Do you like to associate yourself with a team which is excited in learning new things?

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    Do you have the right attitude to solve problems together?

  • if so, we want to meet you.

What do we do?

  • At Testpress, we are revolutionizing the way Indian Students learn.
  • We have a learning management system which is a simpler, faster and cheaper tool for coaching organizations.
  • Our platform provides interesting features like gamification, micro learning, inbuilt store, course and student management.
  • These have helped bootstrap many micro edupreneurs int the country and increase their revenue 10x.

How do we work?

  • We work a minimum of 9 hours a day. Sometimes this extends until we complete the task.
  • Most of the weekends are off, however there are times when you would have to work.
  • You should use the web extensively and have the self-motivation to learn and produce results.
  • We have very strict deadlines. You should ensure that you get the job done on time.
  • We obsess over good code. Every code which gets into production is peer reviewed. This means getting your job done is also dependent on how easy your code gets reviewed. This needs focus and planning.
  • We take pride in understanding how we get the output. Getting output without understanding how it works is frowned here.
  • We are deeply customer centric. This means you might have to face customer directly if the need arises. You should care and develop empathy with a customer.
  • Working in a small team like ours would give you all the freedom to make an impact in production

    Why should you join?

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    You will be working along with the founders and will have access to learn how an entire web startup works.
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    We conduct weekly internal tech talks and encourage enthusiastic participation.
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    This would involve learning a new topic by doing it hands on along with other members of the team.
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    Occasionally, we share any new tech stuff with the team and expect you to actively participate in the same.

    Skills we expect

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    You should be able to write clean, understandable and extendable code
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    You would be expected to follow SOLID priciples in case of Object Oriented Programming
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    You should be able to communicate your thoughts, design and explain us why your approach is being used
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    Knowledge in Python, Django Android, Swift is an added bonus

Who should join us?

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    Enger to learn, unlearn and relearn skills

  • 2

    Passion for software development

  • 3

    Ability to solve problems quickly

  • 4

    Enthusiasm in learning new topics and skills

  • 5

    Receptiveness to feedback

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    Responsibility to complete tasks on time

Sounds like this is you?